CREATE in Public Space: Toronto co-learning sessions


What is public space? Why do artists choose to work in unconventional places? How do they use these spaces around the world? What kinds of legislation and technical characteristics do professionals have to take into account?

A consortium of European arts organisations and learning institutions specialised in art in the public space are launching a free 4-week online course, starting Sep 9. Every Monday, 1 hour of short videos will be released, featuring 100s of artists and projects, on 4 different themes: 
Week 1 – Introduction to aesthetics, history and institutions 
Week 2 – Specific dramaturgical issues 
Week 3 – Site-visit and in situ writing methodology 
Week 4 – Understanding issues related to the relationship with the audience 

Art of Festivals – a ‘think-and-do’ consultancy for festivals and their ecology – is hosting a free weekly meet-up every Thursday between Sep 12 and Oct 3 (5-7pm) to come together, discuss the course content, hear perspectives and insights from leading local practitioners and, together, dream up the next wave of art in the public space in Toronto. 

You don’t have to do the full course to participate, you don’t have to be there at 5pm sharp and you don’t have to come every week – this study group is an opportunity to form a community of practice, especially where performing arts, the built environment and participatory practices meet, so there are no rules, no fees, no barriers. Come if you can, when you can, bring a friend, and stay a bit longer for drinks after the session! 


Sign up to CREATE (free!) 
Register for the first Toronto session on 12th September (5-7pm) – History & Aesthetics of Art in Public Space at The Bentway (other sessions coming soon!)
– Add your name to the Art of Festivals mailing list to get reminders, updates on weekly meeting space and special guests

Weekly drop-in meet-ups to learn together and from each other about art in the public space 

5-7pm on Thursdays between Sep 12 and Oct 3

We are scouting for a different location each week to get to experience inspiring environments together. The first week (12th September) will be at The Bentway, others will be confirmed soon. These are subject to change depending on group size, weather conditions, other events… so make sure to sign up to each session to get updates and help us plan for numbers. 

Sessions will be co-hosted by Fanny Martin and Bridget MacIntosh, and we welcome all citizens, artists, activists, technologists, technicians, academics, city planners, educators, producers… curious about art and public spaces.  

What next? 

This is just the start! Together we can build an extraordinary community of practice to transform Toronto’s public spaces. Hop on board!

featured image: LA SPIRE @ Jean-Louis Fernandez / Metropolis 2019