Consultation phase: 25 musicians and Artistic Directors from 4 countries consulted for a new collaborative creative scheme in the North of England.

Pilot phase: new creative collaborations enabled a ground-breaking improvisation software to be developed to its full potential.  

Client: Jazz North
Location: North of England
Scope: UK
Type: Improvised Music / Creative Programme
Year: 2013-present

Jazz North is a new partnership-based National Portfolio Organisation working across the three northern regions of England to develop musicians, promoters, venues and audiences. In 2013, Jazz North wanted to explore new ways to support artists to create new music going beyond the writing-performing-shelving commissioning process. 


Conduct a sector consultation with artistic directors and musicians to establish the structuring principles for a new commissioning scheme for jazz and improvised music.

Produce the first collaborative commissioning project (ongoing).


Interviewed 25 sector representatives (Musicians, Artistic Directors and Creative Producers) in England, Scotland, France and Canada.

Shaped an innovative vision for an artistic development scheme centred on musicians rather than on projects, collaborative by essence and placing audiences at the heart of the creative process.

Worked closely with first artist selected on the scheme, Rodrigo Constanzo, to explore creative directions for his dfscore project, find creative partners and expand his professional network.

The system has been showcased at The Noise Upstairs in 2014 and demonstrated in an educational setting at Leeds College of Music. Rodrigo Constanzo and guest composer George Lewis have now be co-commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for performances in 2015.

Videos and free downloads are available on Rodrigo Constanzo’s website.

Key Skills:

Strategic Development
Research and Consultation
Network Management
Multidisciplinary Collaboration
Creative Production