Finding a Voice

Coordinating a £200K AHRC-funded music psychology research project investigating how adults learn to sing. 

Client: Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Location: London, UK
Scope: National 
Type: Research / Project Management
Year: 2016-2017

Starting in April 2016, Finding a Voice is a 33-month AHRC-funded project focusing on people who don’t sing, engaging them in specially designed programmes. It will provide an understanding of the journeys adult non-singers take in learning to sing, and the ways in which they can be supported, by combining psychological, educational and artistic research. The project will investigate the best ways of helping non-singers engage in meaningful participation in singing and improve their skills, and to show what their developmental journeys look like.


Recruit project participants and coordinate all monitoring, logistics and communications.


Strand 1 is currently under way.

Key Skills:

Programme Management