Manchester FOG

Manchester Jazz Festival. Photo: Daniel Parker

Manchester Jazz Festival
Photo: Daniel Parker

Creating and animating a new network of independent festivals in Manchester

Client: Manchester Festival Organisers’ Group (no website)
Location: Manchester
Type: Multidisciplinary Arts / Development Agency
Scope: city-wide
Year: 2008-2009

Established in 2008, Manchester FOG was a network of over 20 city centre festivals that met regularly to share best practice about cultural planning and festival management and to develop joint programming.


Create a new professional network of independent festivals in Manchester.


Established guiding principles and network aims.

Coordinated bi-monthly meetings with independent festivals and industry guests.

Launched collective initiatives to encourage sharing of information and collaboration.

Created an internal website to post meeting dates and minutes, share contact details and a calendar of events.

Key Skills:

Strategic Development
Research and Consultation
Network Management
Training and Facilitation