National Opera Studio


Managing an international consultation to identify opera’s current and future professional needs and shape the UK training provision for singers. 

Client: National Opera Studio
Location: London / UK
Type: Consultation & Research / Performing Arts
Scope: international 
Year: 2015-2016

23 years after the last comprehensive survey of opera training, NOS commissioned an updated review to spur change and engagement in the opera sector. 


Providing research and coordination services to National Opera Studio and Graham Devlin Associates.


Developed methodologies, managed resources and communications

Organised interviews and focus groups with c. 150 contacts, including artists, teachers, coaches and key staff at the major UK opera institutions and Conservatoires

Edited the report and managed feedback event

Read the final report on Opera Training for Singers in the UK (2016)

Key Skills:

Research and Consultation
Strategic Development
Event and Festival Management