The Improvisers’ Choir

TIC - The Improvisers' Choir - Vortex - 5 December 2015 - photos (c) Steven Cropper of

TIC – The Improvisers’ Choir – Vortex – 5 December 2015 – photo (c) Steven Cropper of

Producing a new improvising choir, from concept development to a series of performances and participation events, with Artistic Director Jenni Roditi

Client: The Improvisers’ Choir
Location: London
Type: Ensemble / Jazz & Improvised Music
Scope: city-wide
Year: 2015

Founded in September 2015 and led by composer, conductor and experimental vocalist Jenni Roditi, The Improvisers’ Choir is a 10-piece ensemble gathering musicians from a wide range of genres, traditions and techniques.    

Read the review of the debut concert by composer Alistair Smith

What the audience thought:

Beautiful, dynamic, moving, authentic, funny, unusual, really amazing spontaneity to create the music in the moment. Spellbinding experience. I loved the way the music and rhythm changed and transformed as if it was a living being, pulsing with life. Thank you.

Just about everything that the voice can do squeezed into an hour. A meeting of ten very different voices into a concert agreement.

I thought it totally amazing – loved every moment of it. Not a word sung but it evoked so many emotions and feelings.


Support Artistic Director Jenni Roditi to develop and implement her artistic vision through a pilot project to test the feasibility, relevance and appeal of an improvising vocal ensemble.


Oversaw the project management process from start to end: structured the project timeline and allocated resources, set objectives and indicators, created communication tools and strategy, integrated evaluation and feedback mechanisms.

Successfully applied to two successive Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts to support the première (December 2015) and a series of intensive rehearsals, performances and participation events (September 2016-March 2017).

Key Skills:

Strategic Development
Fundraising and Business Development
Campaign Management
Creative Production
Event and Festival Management