Makes life worth living

The Long Read

Arts Council England have updated their 10-year strategic plan – along with their communication methods. The strategic framework is summarised in a 2-minute animated video (below) and a colourful infographic that describes the five goals and their relation to one another (click to enlarge).


Originally published in 2010, this 2013 update – coming just over a year after the Cultural Olympiad – reflects the Arts Council’s commitment to building on the 2012 legacy as well as its newly expanded remit for museums and libraries.

The full publication – which can be downloaded here – presents the work and mission of the Arts Council, takes stock of the current situation and sets objectives and measures of success. For each of the strategic goals, it paints a picture of what success will look like in 2020, details the policies and methods that are being implemented to get there, and lists the assessment tools and indicators needed to evaluate the progress of the strategic plan over the 10-year period (now 7).

It is also peppered with inspirational quotes from artists and cultural sector professionals, a few of which are copied below.

Makes life worth living
Jeremy Deller, artist

The arts have the potential to show that the everyday can be reinvented and that the ordinary is usually extraordinary and that the extraordinary can become part of or intervene and wonderfully interrupt everyday life.
Naomi Kashiwagi, artist

A really great museum is like a combination of a compass and a kaleidoscope. It gives you a sense of where you stand in the world and opens your mind to a myriad of possibilities.
Sally MacDonald, Co-founder, Heritage without Borders

Art is as complex as we are. It is hard for any one of us, artist or not, to understand who we are and what we genuinely do and art, which comes out of this creative chaos, reflects our situation and helps us recognise its variations,how we connect and disconnect with other people, places and ideas.
Siobhan Davies, artist and choreographer